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What We Offer

  We are strongly committed to providing our customers with cell phones for sale, that are of top quality merchandise, we offer reliable shipping and world-class service on all of our unlocked cell phones.   Our aim is to become one of the cutting edge cell phones website that offers cheap android phones and cheap cell phones as they become available to the US market without sigining any contracts.   We stand behind each sale of smartphones and cellphones with confidence knowing that we have just created another satisfied unlocked cell phone owner.

  Bottom Line our prices are based on minimal costs, which means you can buy cheap cell phones and smart phones.   With our price adjustments you will receive competitive savings on unlocked gsm cell phones here..   Compare our prices with other sites and see if our cell phone prices are truly competitively priced for unlocked gsm cell phones, android phones, smart phones, and cheap unlocked phones.

Unlocked Cell Phones Descriptions

  Our latest new cell phones have features of 3G, 4G, LTE, GSM and all are SIM Free.   These are smart phones and mobile phones which can be of one of the folloing types: unlocked android phones, unlocked gsm cell phones that are offered by such manufactors as motorola, nokia, samsung and sony ericsson now know as sony mobile or just sony.

  All of our 3G, 4G, LTE, GSM, SIM Free, cheap unlocked phones for sale, can use removable unlocked SIM Cards, which allows flexibality and the option to use them with any unlocked SIM card and connect with confidence to your current service provider's tower and retreive all your data and personal info after your purchase.  

Important Facts

 Practically all CDMA cellular phones have concerns.  Due to CDMA configurations, which happen to be hard wired to the carrier's CDMA network based white lists, which are used to verify their subscribers, can create problems if the cell phone isn't purchased from them.  This means you can only switch phones with your carrier's permission, and a carrier doesn't have to accept any particular phone onto its network.  So CHECK with your carrier for futher details about the type of cell phone or smart phone you are about to buy.

Please check compatibility issues prior to your purchase:

  • Area of concern:
      Is my current SIM card Removable and Unlocked
    • Yes:
      • My current cell phone provider uses a removable unlocked SIM card
    • No:
      • There will be compatibility issues.  Contact your cell phone service provider.

  • What you gain:
      If a SIM Card is used and it's Removable and Unlocked
    • Get a new cell phone not offered by Service Provider
    • NO new Service Contract
    • NO need to Renew An Old Contract
    • Keep Your Old Plan
    • Plug in your SIM card and GO , that simple
  • There are two main companies that offer GSM service in the USA
    • AT&T and Cingular are now merged into one company, and the second company is T-Mobile. If you have service with them or any other GSM service providers, this is the right option for you
    • If your service is with, eg, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, MetroPCS, Cricket, U.S. Cellular, Nextel, Alltel or just about any other US wireless company, then you have CDMA service

  • Network Operators
    • GSM/GPRS :   AT&T, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Zain, Orascom, Orange FT, Telefonica, Telenor, Telstra, Telecom Italia, Softbank, Mobile, Smart, Singtel, SKT, Mobilkom, KTF, Hutchison, China Mobile
    • CDMA :   Verizon Wireless, KDDI (EZweb, WIN, au), China Unicom

  • The frequencies supported by main countries:
    • Asia
      • China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan :   GSM 900, 1800, WCDMA 2100
      • Singapore, Malaysia :   GSM 900, 1800, WCDMA 2100
      • Thailand :   GSM 900, 1800, 1900, WCDMA 2100
      • Japan :   WCDMA 1700, 2100
      • Korea :   WCDMA 2100
    • Oceania
      • Australia, New Zealand :   GSM 900, 1800, WCDMA 850, 2100
    • Europe
      • UK, France, Germany, Italy :   GSM 900, 1800, WCDMA 2100
      • Russia :   GSM 900, 1800, WCDMA 2100
    • Americas
      • U.S. :   GSM 850, 1900, WCDMA 850, 1700, 1900, 2100
      • Mexico :   GSM 1900, WCDMA 850
      • Canada :   GSM 850, 1900, WCDMA 850, 1900, 2100

  We have provided a breakdown of terms used for cell phones and smart phones.   This will give more background information about unlocked cell phones for sale by us.   This could be used as a reference to explain offered features and the terms used on our cell phone description pages.   They can be found at our page Cellular Glossary.   This should provide more clarity about these subject matters and please peruse our glossary for more help at your leasure.   We feel an educated consumer will always be our best customer.

  We at 1stCellPhones.com will provide reliable, safe online buying 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   We have choosen PayPal to securely handle the processing of your transactions.   For your security PAYPAL will ensure that you are the person of record for card related transactions.   Our current product inventories offer new unlocked phones, (Excuse our emphasis on the word NEW, but we must make it clear) NEW unlocked Motorola Cell Phones, NEW unlocked Nokia Cell Phones, NEW unlocked Samsung Cell Phones, and NEW unlocked Sony Ericsson/Sony Mobile Cell Phones at a competitive price.

 Shop and Compare prices!.  Why Pay More! .